Meet The Vine Team

When you work with us, here are the bigwigs you'll have on your team backing you up.

Joseph Ranseth

Joseph Ranseth

Senior Marketing Strategist

He likes to pretend that he is the brains around here, but we tend to think that he lives on the other side of the line between genius & insanity. Joseph says his gift is singing Enrique Iglesis at karaoke night, but we hired him because he is simply a master at creating crowds that take action.


Paul Lacap

Strategic Consultant

Paul is kind of a big deal. With years of experience of working on marketing campaigns for some of the world’s largest companies, he brings a wealth of experience and a cunning ability to see through the hype and address the most important issues. He’s also the master of organization, project management and productivity.


Melanie Reyes

Melanie Reyes

Web Samurai

With a degree in computer engineering, more design & development certifications than would fit in the library of congress, and a passion for learning, Melanie can pretty much do anything that needs to be done to make your website work. Anytime we ask “Melanie, is it even possible to…?” she simply answers “okay” and reports back, in what seems like 10 minutes, that it is already done.


Crystal Kumpula

Crystal Kumpula

Project Manager

Crystal has worked in the business world as a professional problem solver since 1995. Although she is outgoing and assertive when she needs to be (she’s a former President of a business networking group), she actually prefers to productively contribute behind the scenes. In other words, she’s the calm one making sure all the creatives get things done. Happily married for 21 years, Crystal is one step away from being an empty nester. In addition to spending time with family, she enjoys reading, running, and sailing. Basically, she’s living the dream.



Linda Lee

Senior Communications Consultant

With over 30 years of corporate & public sector communications experience, Linda knows that a good marketing and communications plan is about more than what’s visible on the surface. It’s grounded in solid research, careful planning, and measurable results. “Why are you doing this? Why now? What’s your message? Who are your audiences? What media will reach them first? longest? What will ‘success’ look like?” Linda is experienced at sorting “the rest of the story.”

Roland Pajares

Marketing Associate & Research Analyst

With an intense academic background and years of experience as an executive market research analyst, Roland has the keen mind and attention to detail required to make sure all the bases are covered… and covered well. His can-do attitude is infectious and inspires people to take on projects to break new ground.


Nico - Senior Developer


Senior Developer

If it can be imagined, Nico is the one who can make it happen. The skill this guy has is simply unreal. He is the one who takes the concept of your site and makes it functional. And then some.



Rainmaker Extraordinaire

Interested in using your marketing-related superpowers for good? Want to make the world a better place from the comfort of your own home and keyboard? Throw your hat in the ring over here.