Social Media Marketing

Your customers and prospects are talking about you... Are you listening?

Social media is about being where your prospects are

People are talking about you, right now.

In many cases, they are talking about you explicitly. In other cases, they are talking about you indirectly:

  • They’re talking about the customer service experience they had with your company
  • They’re talking about how much they love your products… or hate them.
  • They’re talking about the complaints – and praises – of your industry
  • They’re talking about the problems they have that your product or service can solve.

Social media is about listening to those conversations, so you can take action.

Social media is about starting your own conversations.

Social media is about empowering your best advocates to start conversations about you with their own circles of influence.

So, don’t be a jackass. Start listening to what people are saying, and provide them a community to connect with you… and become evangelists for your cause.

Or be a jackass. Someone else will take your customers and treat them properly.

Start a social media marketing strategy now. Let us know!