Marketing Plans Are A Dime A Dozen

Regular companies need regular marketing strategies. Purpose-driven companies need something more....

Take Your Message To The World

Moving beyond the basic marketing processes of creating a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), tag-line and slogan, this collaborative process between your company and the vine multimedia embodies the belief that if you “set yourself on fire with enthusiasm, people will come for miles to watch you burn.”

Your prospects don’t need ‘just another company’ with an overly-hyped marketing plan. They are looking for someone and something that they can believe in… someone that understands what they are going through and can help them to achieve their dreams. your company has exactly that… now it’s time to effectively communicate that to the world.

To create true success you need to do more than just sell a product, you need to be an evangelist for a specific cause… your message is a powerful mission that has the power to change the world, one life at a time. Through a series of powerful, cutting-edge exercises, we will help articulate that message and answer the questions:

  • What is the “Big Idea” that you are trying to prove that has the potential to change the world?
  • How will that message change individual lives?
  • How can we enlist our entire organization and current clients to become advocates for our message?

This is also a powerful workshop to build your company culture and help enroll your entire team into the vision of what your company is doing, why you are doing it, and how we will strategically position it in the marketplace. This process is CRITICAL in creating consistency between the customer life cycle: Marketing -> Sales -> Customer Service. (Studies have shown that inconsistency in this cycle are what cause bottle-necks in growth)Once the message is clearly articulated, we will then research related keywords and develop a marketing plan to achieve your company goals


Marketing As A Company Culture

How would your business transform if you could enlist each employee, client and even prospect into a raving fan, advocate for your services and an evangelist for your message?

The Marketing Culture Training Workshop will educate your entire organization on how we are expressing the mission (as determined in the above “Take Your Message To The World” workshop) through the marketing plan. Together we will create consistency in all phases of operation… bringing a very practical application & expression of your message through the entire client life-cycle. (Marketing -> Sales -> Customer Service)

In an interactive and engaging format, we will come in and train your staff on how to share the your company message through very simple daily tasks… without adding to current workloads! After this workshop your team will be comfortable with powerful tasks like: blog posting, social media, social bookmarking, managing & updating the website, etc. By creating this marketing-aware culture within your business, the your company mission will become a living organism and growth will be inevitable.