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Announcement: Vine’s commitment to social entrepreneurship

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Here at Vine, we take social seriously.

Obviously we love social media. What other technology is so representative of the collective shift in how we, as a world, are interacting with each other? It’s demanded that businesses look at their communications strategies differently, with more authenticity and transparency. It’s demanded that they rethink their clients’ needs and desires in a more holographic way. It’s demanded that they consider their impact on the planet and how the ramifications of their unsustainable practices will come to light through social networking.

Social media has changed not just business, it’s changed the way we relate with the world around us.

Social media is not the only social that we care about though.

The Rise of Social Enterprise

The “other” social we are passionate about is social enterprise. There has been a growing surge in social entrepreneurship in recent years as purpose has been taking the stage where profit once stood on its own.

The rise in interest to integrate purpose and profit is one that I learned from one of my earliest mentors, Stephen Covey. Over 12 years ago Dr. Covey gave me the advice to integrate the spiritual with the secular. (I’ve written about this in deeper detail in my recent book, which you can get a free sneak peak of at We’ve always been inspired by this council and sought to incorporate powerful ideals and values into the work that we do for our clients and on our own projects. Now, we’d like to make it a little more official.

One of the spiritual principles that Dr. Covey spoke of integrating into business was giving back. In stark contrast to chasing profits alone (which is often rooted in the fear that prosperity is limited so we need to “get while the getting is good”), giving back is rooted in an abundance mentality and affirms that there is always enough to go around. It’s also a means of saying, we’re all in this together, which we believe quite firmly at Vine. By circulating what we have, we make a commitment to ensuring that as a community all of our collective needs will be met. We believe that businesses can – and must – give back to their communities as a form of basic social responsibility.

Vine to Give 10% of all time to Community Development

We rise by lifting others - Robert IngersollAs such, the team at Vine have decided that we will now commit to allocating 10% of employee time for the purpose of giving back to our community, by applying our talents through volunteer work for non-profits, charities and other worthy endeavours that make our communities better. Although most of our team are active volunteers on their own regard, any time that our team members spend on these activities during company time will be paid for by the company.

As a means of accountability – and to hopefully inspire other organizations to follow suit – we will provide a regular report on the number of hours our team has volunteered throughout the month. You can watch for this on our Facebook or Twitter profiles.

Further Announcements Coming

This is first in a series of announcements that we are making over the course of this year to demonstrate our commitment to community development and hopefully inspire others to share the ways they are making their communities better as well.

This world is a great place. Let’s make it even better, shall we?


After nearly 15 years of working in the online marketing space, Joseph Ranseth decided to put his marketing superpowers to use for good and not evil. Founding Vine Multimedia as a social entreprise committed to making the world a better place, he is happy to be surrounded with a team that is passionate, driven and tons of fun. | Read more about

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